Bad coffee in hotels

by kiawe

Universally it seems hotels have left the 4-cup in room coffee maker and gone over to the K-pods, which are horrible. Weak, stale coffee with no option to change what the machine spits out by adding or subtracting grounds or changing blends. I brought my own coffee and filters on our last trip because of this (the prepackaged filter packs hotels gave for the coffee maker are crappy too), but with everything now using pods, I was stuck with junk no matter what, unless I bought Starbucks (bleah!) I have a Melitta drip cone for personal use at home and grind my own; my favorite is Kauai single estate whole bean, medium roast. For bigger hordes, I have my Gevalia freebie 12-cup. In retrospect, I should have brought the cone too.

On a parallel note, during that same trip, we stayed in Buffalo, WY overnight. Buffalo, for those who follow the series Longmire, was the inspiration for Durant, Longmire's base of operations in Absaroka County. The next day we ate breakfast at the Busy Bee Diner, and horror of horrors, just as we got there, the waitress announced they had run out of coffee filters. I ran back up to our room and grabbed the baggie of filters and good coffee I had toted up and down the west coast and handed them to her; shortly thereafter, the Bunn was back in operation. No diner worth its salt should run out of coffee!

Posted on Nov 22, 2017, 9:28 AM

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