Need some help from the guild on drilling some holes.

by Tohri

Okay, so, I just landed a new job at a small machine shop where I am Blissfully overqualified. I'm going to have free time on my hands filling out my 40 hours, and I plan on staying Late.

So, I need to drill some holes in a personal project sooner or later and I need some guidance.
I've got a whiz bang brand new CNC knee mill at my disposal, I can buy in tooling, and I'm going to be making fixturing for this, but it's tricky for a number of reasons. first of all, the Subject: full writeup.
[linked image]
Those stud holes are in the wrong place for my application and there's Cast Iron about halfway down. I've gotta bring them In towards the bore a couple mm, I forget how many. Studs are 6MM diameter.
Whole thing is around 50mm deep. But modding this and making an adapter plate for the intake is all I need to finally have a 'correct' cylinder for This engine:
[linked image]

I was thinking of using a straight shank 7MM drill bit, slow, with a steel jig plate half an inch thick guiding the bit and lots of cutting fluid.

Oh, and a BIG shout out to Doc, and everyone here. I got this job because I've sat here and read the ancient scrolls penned by cranky elders for sixteen years.

Posted on Nov 22, 2017, 12:38 PM

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  1. I wouldn't leave the originals there..... Russ Kepler, Nov 22, 2017
    1. That's not bad advice.... Doc Nickel, Nov 22, 2017
      1. Figured it'd be something like that.. Tohri, Nov 22, 2017
        1. HSS.... Hazzert, Nov 23, 2017
        2. Never carbide by hand. Russ Kepler, Nov 26, 2017


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