by Kandinsky

Ibrik (had to google) i think you mean a Cezve which is a small pan with a long handle but the names seem to be interchangeable and anyway i'd forgotten the word so i'll shut up about that.... anyway, yes, my parents have a holiday home in Northern Cyprus which is the Turkish part and i use an it there to make "Turkish Medium" which is very strong black coffee, served unfiltered with sugar into a small cup, it's about about the size of a double espresso and about as strong. Mine is a cheapo aluminium one but it works as well as any. Use a good local coffee brand (all the names escape me right now but i go for one that's local and ircc is a white packet with blue writing on it) Normally served with a local brandy so potent that you could also use it to degrease engine parts.

To use, add the ground coffee, sugar and water to taste, you need to experiment, for me normally two healthy heaped spoonfulls into the pan, and then one large spoonful of sugar add water to level, bring to the boil, drop the heat to simmer/cool, reboil and serve. people get all fussy about whether to foam or not, i'm easy about it either way is great but it is important not to filter the coffee the grounds should still be in the pot, you sip the coffee and as soon as you detect solids against your lip you stop drinking it.

interestingly (if you like Turkish coffee) the use of them is so common place in Turkey and Northern Cyprus that the vast majority of gas cookers and hobs come either fitted with a position for an Ibrik/Cezve or are supplied with an adaptor.

Turkish tea is also worth a punt served black with mint, sugar and lemon.

.... must go look at flights prices.....

Posted on Nov 23, 2017, 12:18 AM

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