Easy way out...

by Cpt. Obvious

Instead of reinventing the wheel you could take a look at the Mateba 2006M.

This revolver shoot from the bottom chamber in the cylinder rather than the top chamber. As a result the recoil will push back into the hand with less muzzle flip than a traditional revolver with the high bore axis.

One advantage over your solution is that the revolver can be a bit shorter than if you move the cylinder in front of the trigger guard.

If you really want to get the barrel down then you might as well look up the MC-3 from Tula. It's a target pistol that was banned from competitions as it was too revolutionary. Som claim it was so good it would have destroyed the competition. Only 125 was made of the competition model, but a number of specially engraved pistols were also gifted to high ranking party members in the USSR.

Posted on Nov 23, 2017, 2:05 PM

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