Oooooo... Shiiineee...

by J.Cook

That looks about right for a Mad Scientist's lab. I wouldn't say no if it was reasonably priced and fixed up already. happy.gif

Myself, given it's Arizona and the heat and everything, I'd actually want something that's similar to the berm or earth sheltered house- that should provide enough natural insulation that the interior stays reasonable to heat and cool, and have an east facing patio or outdoor exposed face for a view. I'd put solar panels along the top of the berm on a southern facing side for power collection, and maybe a detached garage/ work room for storing the vehicles, tools, and auxiliary power generation gear.

Posted on Nov 24, 2017, 8:37 AM

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  1. You're only a little bit on the wrong contenent. FireFrenzy, Nov 28, 2017


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