I had a similar problem...

by J.Cook

It's also apparently illegal to hook up an electric fence transformer (for cattle) to decorations to discourage theft- Apparently, it's enough of a jolt that the perp might have a heart attack or go into seizures or something.

I used to have 'whimsical' decorations out front that were cute; after the second one got stolen not 48 hours after I installed it, I said enough was enough. (although the cheap planter stake lights have managed to not get stolen- guess there's not enough metal in them for a dose of heroin or whatever kids are doing these days.)

While I still put stuff out for the two major holidays (halloween and christmas), they are not really worth stealing- who the hell would steal a yard inflatable, anyway?

If I get enough money at some point, I'm probably going to join the rest of the 'hood and put a fence around the front yard, replete with a driveway gate. At that point I can probably start putting out amusing decoration again.

Posted on Nov 24, 2017, 8:51 AM

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