Yeah, yeah...

by Doc Nickel

When the system doesn't update, it usually means that my site wasn't accessible for a short while, right when the remote server was supposed to upload the new files.

Curt is often busy with other things, and can't always do a quick reset for me (and I have no access to it myself, other than to upload the comics) so in cases like that, I'll do a manual update.

The problem is, I have to go back and update the last three pages- the index page has to be ticked up to the next strip and date, "yesterday's" has to be ticked up, and then I need to copy-and-paste the day before's, also incrementing that up.

It's usually easy, takes just a few minutes, but this morning, as the past several mornings have been, was a bit of a cluster, with about forty-'leven things all vying for my attention. I got distracted by one of them halfway through the update, lost track of what I was doing, and went ahead and uploaded.

The links were out of whack a bit, but will be sorted out in this morning's update.

Sorry, just one of the many fun parts about running a webcomic. happy.gif


Posted on Nov 29, 2017, 12:52 AM

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