Get it running, then... Little 4X4 Tactical Motorhome?

by Bruce Bergman

Id's day the first project is getting the engine fixed up (you said something about a pranged cylinder head where the AC Compressor tried to move backwards) and get a set of tires, go through the brakes, etc., get it running and rolling properly again. That's going to take some time if you don't feel like throwing money at vendors to get it done faster.

And then decide whether the Corvair body is best for it.

Myself, I'd find a matching vintage Chevy Pickup front clip and cab - just a plain standard cab (sans rust) is fine - Just so you don't have to reinvent the doors, windshield, drivers seats, steering column - shift linkage and ignition switch, cowl, etc. And being new enough that you can hook the front Airbags all up like they're supposed to be - in case a Moose jumps out in front of you doing 55...

And for the rest of it you slice out the back wall of the cab and make a square tube & plywood sandwich platform (with some rigid ISO-foam insulation in between) and build a small Class C Cab-over bunk Motorhome body for it.

Semi Fuel Tanks on one side for Grey & Black holding tanks, machine and TIG the inlet and outlet fittings. Put the 30-gallon Propane tank on the other side frame-rail with aux fuel tank. Fresh Water on the inside (under dinette seat?) for freeze prevention, etc.

And if you make the body right with square tube and riveted on Fiberglass Skin and lay up your own end and corner caps, factory buy some RV Windows and the Passenger and cargo compartment Doors it'll be essentially a Lifetime Vehicle.

Draw up proper plans, include the required gear (extinguishers, smoke CO and propane leak alarm, emergency escape rigged windows and/or roof vent) and getting it past the DMV as a CCHMP (Camper Coach Motor Propelled) should be easy. In CA that's a little rectangular Blue Foil "Approved" sticker, not sure how AK does it.

Posted on Dec 3, 2017, 3:13 PM

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