That's kind of the plan...

by Doc Nickel

Oh yeah, if/when I start on this, it'll get "blogged" just like everything else in the Projects Pages.

Point in fact, somewhere around here I have a small boxful of physical paper photos of the original build. I have, of course, been something of a shutterbug even prior to the digital age, and used my trusty 35mm Minolta to record the build back in the day.

Not quite as comprehensively as I do today, of course, as film and developing costs added up to real money. (Back in the early days of Doc's Machine, I figured it cost me between $2 and $5 each to post a photo on my website, between buying the film and paying to have it developed.)

I've wanted to scan those and post them as a sort of historical build, but it'd take me a couple of weeks just to sort the photos out into some sort of chronological order, and weeks more to scan them- and being paper photos, each one would need some amount of tweaking of the color, brightness, contrast, etc.

And then it'd be weeks more to get 'em all uploaded and written up into Build Pages.

I hate to say it, but probably not gonna happen anytime soon. happy.gif

However, the new build, with the benefit of the digital cameras, and the ability to do up a handful of pics and a new page on the fly (rather than trying to do 20-30 all at once) will be a lot easier.

And there's very little I don't directly recall about the build. I tack-welded square 1/4-20 nuts on to sheetmetal to make a "captive nut", and then used stainless bolts. I remember the cars whose hoods and doors I sliced up to salvage the sheetmetal. I recall distinctly how I built the fender flares, I remember doing all the wiring (crimped, soldered and then heat-shrunk; all the electricals still work just fine today, barring the occasional burned-out bulb.) I remember making a mounting plate for the fuse box, and how I used a marker to put my initials on the "inside" of it- something that no one will ever see, unless you get under the dash with a plasma cutter or angle grinder and physically cut it off of there. happy.gif

And I recall distinctly in many cases why I built something the way I did- in some cases because that's the biggest chunk of sheetemetal I had, in others because those were the only parts like that I had, or that was the only part like that I could find at the wrecking yard, or i had to do it that way because I didn't have a nibbler or a jigsaw and didn't feel like filing on a hole for six weeks straight, and so on. happy.gif

And there's plenty I remember doing, and thinking I was doing it well, only to find out it was terrible. The gas filler neck, because it's partially in the "trunk", I cut and rewelded at a tighter angle so it didn't impede the trunk area as much. A fine job, doesn't leak any fuel, but you can't get a gas nozzle all the way in, so you have to stand there and hold it the whole time while fueling. On a 38 gallon tank. On a car that gets about 10 MPG. That I drove in the winter a lot. happy.gif

So yeah, if and when I start on it, I fully plan to thoroughly document it. You ladies and gents can laugh right along with me on the absurd things I did in the name of saving money, salvaging scrap metal, or through simple lack of experience. happy.gif


Posted on Dec 5, 2017, 2:00 AM

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