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by Doc Nickel

An older body I can't recall at the moment (they've been packed up for a decade now happy.gif ) and a somewhat newer X-700. I had a cheap import motorwind on it, but never really used it except once during a paintball game. Rarely worked well, and ate batteries like popcorn.

I had a... I think it was a 200mm fixed telephoto, a 70mm macro, the typical 50mm "kit" lens, and the one interesting bit, a 50mm f1.2 prime I got from my grandfather many years ago.

It could take daylight-bright photos in a bat cave, and if I wanted an artsy depth-of-field shot, wide open the thing had an in-focus zone of about half a millimeter. happy.gif

They were functional, and I got lots of good photos from them, but really, once I started up Doc's Machine, they kind of got relegated to just taking snapshots of shop stuff.

It wasn't 'til the good digitals came along that I really started taking lots of pics (still just snapshots though.) My Canon XT, which I bought in 2005 (!!) is still going strong- on the original battery! And after north of 100K shutter actuations.

I keep expecting it to die one of these days- the shutter was only factory rated to 50K actuations- and if/when it does, I'll pick up a somewhat newer XTi or something.

I also keep wishing I could so something with the old film setup, but the simple fact is, they're so common, and physical film has gotten so completely obsolete, that there's basically zero value to any of it. I can't stand to throw it all away, the secondhand shops don't want them, I don't have the spare time or even interest to do a hipsteresque "look what we can do with this cool old technology" thing, I don't know a single person even really interested in digital photography, let alone film photography... So I boxed 'em up and put 'em into storage, and I suspect they'll stay there 'til my inevitable (and epic happy.gif ) estate sale.

At which point somebody will bid eight cents for the entire box, just so they can dismantle them for a college "found objects" art project or something. happy.gif


Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 12:50 AM

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