by Doc Nickel

Now that will make for a cool and unique ride. Not sure I've ever seen that particular model of Rambler before...

Yeah, if I had my 'druthers (whatever those are) I'd love to drop a mildly-built 6.0 LS into my Cutlass, use the same 6-speed automatic, go with a set of flappy paddles, and beef up the frame to make it handle better.

And while that sort of thing is surprisingly common down there, it's not so much up here.

However, I already have some big-block Olds parts I've been meaning to put together (actually, I haven't yet decided if I just want to rebuild the original small-block) and if I went with the LS... well, the simple fact is I can't give the old 455 stuff away. happy.gif

And ditto the Corvair. Yeah, the thing's a bit of a redneck freak, but it's also a project of mine from way back. There's a bit of sentimental value there. I can't really bring myself to junk it, but I don't want to drive it as-is, and I don't want to waste the time and money making the current setup into something I'd want to drive every day. (Since no matter what, it's going to be 40-year-old leaf-spring technology.)

I like the power, traction and driveability of modern trucks a lot better, but AS a truck they're dirt-common. Lifted, diesel, fancy paint, covered in lights, you name it, somebody's got a custom one.

So I'm gonna try this. The driveability of the EFI engine and modern suspension, but with a (relatively, I know happy.gif ) cool old-car body.

Yeah, it might be cooler still to throw an old Studebaker truck body on the frame, or something like a 1959 ElCamino, but I don't have either of those. happy.gif

Post more about this build. I can't always carry this board by myself. happy.gif


Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 1:12 AM

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