On the downward slide of the Macintosh...

by J.Cook

Before Apple went user-hostile with their entire product line (consumer and pro models alike), I held them in generally decent regard; the hardware was decently engineered, and moderately easy to work on. For example, the 'cheese grater' mac pros were a straight forward process to open up and work on, and the inside was tidy and laid out so a field tech could easily replace things.

Now? dig out yer spudgers and glue gun, and pray to the gods you don't break anything expensive getting the damned thing apart. the 'trash can' mac pro is almost entirely unservicable, outside of a couple memory slots and, iirc, the NvE slot for the drive.

Even Lenovo fell into the same trap- the last thinkpad that was easy to work on was the T410; I've a T450s as my work laptop that requires 20 minutes worth of disassembly to get to the storage on it.

Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 6:03 AM

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