Re: That seems like a bad idea to me

by Target

It'll be fine. They're the 2216 psi units. Any air left in them will just blow the shavings out of way. happy.gif .
Thank you for your concern though and some people would need the reminder...Darwin and all.

You must not be familiar with gubmint employees. They typically go the path of least resistance, avoid any physical exertion what-so-ever and mostly don't give a damn about taxpayer monies.

We recently purchased some used water meters from a town 1.5hrs away.
They filled two good sized trailers ( 20 ft dump beds) . We knocked off the gauges, removed some of the cast iron bits and bolts and turned in 6000 lbs of brass at $1.90ish a lb.

We still have to take the gauges apart for the copper housings and brass gears. Good winter project .

$10K profit so far.

Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 12:32 PM

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