Re: Deep in the dregs of what used to hold my memories...

by JozsefC

LOL "Don't do it" was the thing I kept telling my friend too, but then I couldn't let him jump in the river without someone to keep him company. :P

We didn't have an overabundance of money to invest, so we kept it basic and durable.
Tippmann Cronus rentals runnin on CO2, VForce Sentry masks, military pants and jackets (we provide clothing).
Got a few Motorola radios for reffing and general comms around the field.

Friend was financing it mostly, I brought in some "acquaintanceship capital" (called in some old favors with some people), made a very sweet deal on the field rental.
We are renting part of a defunct agricultural compound including office, club room and a large building (about 70 yard long, 20 yard wide industrial grade stable we cleaned out) where we have our first field, including a 5 yard outer perimeter around the building totaling at approx. 16000 sq.feet. We get the place including office and club room in exchange for maintenance, mowing, etc. Water and electric included, basically no-cost.

Started out pretty good, a couple of other colleagues helped out with reffing every so often, we have our very own version of Jinx (tho he is 17, but we do owe him a lot of paint) :D

We closed up last weekend for the winter, but first we wanted to see with our own eyes how badly CO2 performs below freezing temperatures. It was bad. Scattershot doesn't aptly describe it. :D Not to mention it felt like being shot with rocks.

Posted on Dec 6, 2017, 2:39 PM

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