by Andrew

Sounds like you have a killer setup going. Keep up the good work. But if you have fun everyone who comes out will pick up will on it and have fun too.. I think every small field 10-/20 people a day. Ends up turning the regulars into helpers for free/discounted paint and field fees🤪.one thing we found useful is for younger parties we turn the velocity down to about 240-250. Doesn’t hurt near as much, but we only do that for private game settings. One of the most important things you can do though is train your older/experienced players into teaching and helping the newbs that show up. If you can maintain that type of atmosphere over a tourney one, you’ll get groups coming back every year. Also if you get to where you can afford it HPA is much more stable and cheaper big pic, but even a simple air system like we run is Expensive. (10kish)

PS nothing wrong with a tournament setting, it’s just not as nice to new players.

PPS we don’t use traditional paintball insurance as it was way overpriced. We went to a broker and are insured for 5 mill and can be mobile. Covers our entire operation and property for 1800 a year.

Posted on Dec 7, 2017, 5:40 AM

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