by Doc Nickel

Print Guy and I talked about calendars years ago, and the issue was that I'd have to order X number to make them cheap enough to sell, and you can really only sell calendars for about two months of the year, from late November to very early January.

After that, they're dated material, and you basically can't even give them away.

Being able to do it all in-house does change that equation a bit, although I'd have to buy a coil binding machine or something to do it properly.

However, there would be a huge amount of additional work involved, to prepare 12 high-resolution pics for such a calendar, unless I just used a blown-up copy of a regular strip panel or something.

As regular Guilders and followers of my Patreon know, I don't exactly have a great deal of free time to produce a bunch of extra artwork. happy.gif

As it is, just the current 5-day-a-week schedule takes up a huge chunk of my time- most often I don't mind it, but man, there's sure more than a few days where I wish I could put that time into one of my other projects. happy.gif

The current plan, for the time being, is to get all the old books (1 through 5) and at least two new books (6 and 7) produced and launched relatively quickly (which in this case means "hopefully before March". happy.gif )

For next Christmas season, I should have 1-2 more books (we're way behind happy.gif ) and I hope for 2-5 new Christmas/Holiday cards, that will likely be sold in packs.

I have ideas for comic-book style comics (that is, the classic Marvel/DC newsstand type comic) but there again, that would be a huge amount of artwork to do, and I'm just not sure I can pull it off.

There's also a few other smaller ideas I've been mulling over too, but as above, it'll all depend on time, resources and attention.


Posted on Dec 29, 2017, 9:24 PM

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