by Doc Nickel

As noted below, I'm already planning greeting cards- mostly Christmas/Holiday season, but I've always wanted to do some paintball-themed birthday cards. happy.gif

Hadn't thought of postcards, does... anybody still even use those?

As for posters, no, probably not. First and foremost, I can't print those in-house. I can only go as large as 11" x 17" on one of the two machines.

Second, the Motivational and X-ray posters proved to me years ago that nobody puts up posters anymore. Yeah, arguably the X-rays are pretty specialized, and at this point, all of them are basically "antique" guns now despite having been cutting edge back when I produced them.

But the motivational style I always thought was a lot more wide interest to paintballers, but I can hardly give those away. I can't recall exactly how many I ordered back in the day (4,000?) but that was back in like 2006, and I'm not even a third of the way through the first of two boxes of each!

Posters of the TWB crew would be worse still- while there's millions of paintballers, there's only a bare few thousand TWB fans, of whom only a handful would want a poster. And the only way to print that few posters is to basically have it done as a photograph- ,a href="">which we tried.

We had ten of those posters printed up back in 2010, and had them printed on "Chromaprint" paper, which gives them a cool metallic sheen. As I recall they cost US almost $40 apiece to print, and I don't think I've sold a single one.

And I'll bet I put 40 hours into that artwork, plus the time the print guy spent formatting it into the poster and adding the fireball background.

Besides all that, getting back to the point I made earlier in the week, I am still, as always, limited on time. I already suspect that just the books are going to prove a handful to get out on a reasonable time frame, and anything else much above that- especially stuff that requires significant new or additional artwork, will just be that much more of a problem.


Posted on Dec 31, 2017, 1:12 PM

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  1. I understand about the lack of time. Jelsemium, Jan 1, 2018


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