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Oh yeah, I've been following SSSS for a while and keeping a vague eye on their Kickstarter.Keeping in mind that Girl Genius has had three or four Kickstarters for books, the latest one cleared a cool million. TwoKinds did a KS a couple years ago and got a quarter mil. Schlock Mercenary has done a couple too- I can't recall the totals, but they're right up there.

The thing here is that all those strips, TwoKinds and SSSS particualrly, are top-notch, very detailed and colorful art, done in full-page format. They basically have to print a graphic-novel sized book, in full glossy color.

And those ain't cheap. Howard Tayler does his own formatting and sends the files to a Chinese printer, and has to buy like 10,000 at a time to get the per-book price down to both affordable to the customer and able to still make a profit off of them.

TWB neither has that level of art, nor does it need to be in a big graphic-novel format. And, for the time being, doesn't even need to be in color. I also don't have as big a fan base as most of those comics, so no matter what I'm not going to get numbers that big.

(Keeping in mind that between taxes, the cost of the printing, postage, etc. the author's share of that quarter-mil is of course a lot less than that. Still nothing to sneeze at, I'd bet it'll be $20-$30K or so! But they don't get to keep the whole thing. And the taxes are themselves a significant burden to people that have had a successful KS.)

For the moment, I believe I can supply a book of pretty decent quality, made entirely in house, at a price fair to both of us, without having to resort to a Kickstarter. I may try that in the future, to produce a big glossy compendium or something, but at the moment I already have too much on my plate. happy.gif


Posted on Dec 31, 2017, 1:34 PM

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