Congratulations! Now the real headaches start :/ .

by MephitMark

I, sadly, have to admit that my CNC expertise lies with the mills for the most part. Mainly because, for what ever reason, basic CNC mill operations is relatively similar across the majority of machines I have operated. But for, again, what ever reason, that is not quiet the same with the lathes. Oh the basic ideas are the same with the axis, tooling and so. But from my own experience, that with the general programing. The programing for one make of lathe that I learned was not the quite the same on another make lathe. I could do tooling changes, adjust offsets and the like, but never got far in programing any lathes. Shoot, I was able to program Mori-Seiki, Haas, Fadal and other similar mills at the machine on a regular basis. Just not the lathes, bummer that.

So I can say that you might could be prepared that in the future, if you change the CNC OS that drive the lathe, you could run into changes that your old programs may not work right if at all.

But again, CONGRATULATIONS on the success on getting machine working. There are a couple of books that could be of some help. If you don't have them already that is.

Posted on Dec 31, 2017, 3:30 PM

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