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by cbob

If I bothered to have hosting, this would be a screenshot of the 2 posts, sorry Doc:

This page was created to share the absurd idea of the Landship Project, a technology sport consisting of building "landships" with which to simulate naval gun combat with long range, large bore air cannon.

This may be of special appeal to technology schools and clubs, where the construction offers a very different challenge to the usual educational challenges.crazy rich people who need an expensive hobby, and other groups who want to have fun with it.

Happy new year, as part of the resolution to get projects farther along, and perhaps even far enough they can make money or at least happen, we have a page for one of those. So here's what happens here:

Take a school bus. Armor it up stylish like, put big air cannon on it, and take it out somewhere with a bunch of others, and shoot giant paintball at each other. Put footage on YouTube to show people how much fun we had. Repeat when the bank accounts have recovered. You can even use the fabrication or system development for college classes, in welding, machining, or engineering courses. Heck, we need some of that anyway, and plenty of room for some papers to be written that wouldn't need any lab work(thus easier) but will provide much needed info to get things started.

We can compare this some with Megabots, but a lot easier than mechs. We just need a bigger field.

Posted on Jan 1, 2018, 6:38 AM

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