I'm surprised he could tour

by Russ Kepler

I worked at Sandia National Labs (there's a branch at LLNL) and even with my high clearance a lot of the shop was off limits, and not for safety but for security (maybe some NTK). Beyond that I'm simply amazed that someone could bring in a live camera, bringing a camera into my office building was possible but it would be returned in 1mm chunks after shredding. It wasn't uncommon for someone to lose a cell phone that way.

But humor is not out of bounds - my father's lab at SNL (long before I worked there) had a sign on the door that read "Please Do Not Look Into Laser With Remaining Eye". He got some shit for it from the safety folks but was able to deflect it by saying that folks entering his lad tended to look for the lasers where in all of labs with the ubiquitous "Laser In Use" signs no one bothered.

In the far past there was the crate of toys - all locomotives making whistle sounds and randomly changing direction when hitting a wall. For a couple of weeks you would hear one in the background on a phone call, folks were bringing in batteries to restart the dead ones. So far as I know they never identified the guy who brought them in.

Not sure how many other stories I could tell, some of them might indicate that some took things somewhat frivolously. Some have been told - (launching a manhole cover into outer space {but that really didn't happen}), etc. but I'm sure a lot can't be. It sucks when a lot of your best bar stories require a clearance check of the listeners beforehand.

Posted on Jan 1, 2018, 8:35 AM

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  1. My last job built stuff for them!. goldie, Jan 1, 2018
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      1. ... What flashy thing?. J.Cook, Jan 2, 2018


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