First update of the year!

by Doc Nickel

Not a big one, I was being lazy today. I'm allowed. The boss said I could. happy.gif

Most of today was spent cleaning up my office. It's the only space I have to set up all the printers and store my bookmaking stuff, and it was already fairly full and cluttered, so it was time to effect the change.

That and I wanted to start getting my (er, badly organized) paperwork somewhat better organized in preparation for things like taxes, and so so I don't get orders and invoices mixed up with last years.

You never know how much junk you have 'til you have to find a place for it, y'know? happy.gif

Anyway, I neatened, cleaned, vacuumed and organized, and now I just need to find a cabinet or table or some kind of chest to hold all three printers, or at least the two book printers, as well as, hopefully, the case of paper and boxes of toner.

If I can't find something commercially, I might have to get out the 2x4s and make something. happy.gif

Also, it's worth noting: For the past probably four years or so, I've been using little rectangles of paper, trimmed off my postage sticker paper, as impromptu note papers, most often to jot down ideas and gags for TWB. The papers are something like 1-1/2" x 3", and I have piles of them since these days I've been shipping an average of about two packages a day.

Well, I've had stashes of them all over the place, and will occasionally refer back to them for strip ideas. Less often than I should, but that's largely because for the past few years we've been in the middle of a storyline- if I have Doc & Cara at her apartment, a note that says "Gino takes anger management classes" doesn't do me a whole lotta good. happy.gif

However, as I was cleaning up all this paperwork, I started consolidating them all into a small box.

That box now weighs just over six pounds.

If anyone has ever worried that I'm gonna run out of ideas and end TWB sometime soon? Put that thought out of your head. It'll take me another 15 years just to work through what's in this box, let alone anything else I can think of in the meantime. happy.gif

Oh, and I forgot: One of my low-grade resolutions this year is to pare down my computer bookmarks, since there's a lot of old and no longer relevant fluff in there making it harder to find what I want. And a bunch of those links are to old Guild posts for some of my shop bits or little projects, so as I was taking a break from the cleaning, I threw two of them together into short updates to the Shop Projects Page. One, the finally-collected, long-term, slow-going build project for my KMG-style belt grinder (a project that I started coming up on a decade ago) and a somewhat less interesting but it still let me delete a bookmark grinding a step-drill project.

As always, more are on the way- along with more fresh stuff, gbut also as always, it's as time permits. happy.gif


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Posted on Jan 1, 2018, 8:38 PM

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