So what do you plan to do this year?

by Doc Nickel

Note I didn't say "resolve" to do, 'cause screw New Years' resolutions. happy.gif

The only good New Years resolution is to stop doing the things you don't like, and do more of the things you do like- and most of us live every day that way. happy.gif

But, even if it's not a proper resolution, most of us generally have a list of things we hope or plan to do in the coming year. Personally, as regular readers will know, I have "to do" lists that extend out to probably three or four times longer than I can be expected to live. Lists that could only be fully accomplished if I had at least eight figures in the bank, half a dozen clones of myself, and they figure out a way to extend the average lifespan within the next couple of years.

I will say I pared a few of those down last year, and plan to divest myself of a few others this year. I'm also setting a few aside, knowing I simply can't get them all done in one year.

However, as regular readers know, there's a few projects that have been fairly high on my list recently, and I really hope to get those sorted out this year.

Top of my list would have to be my Lever-Action Project. I'd really hoped to get a lot further along on that last year, but other things always split my attention. Can't say that won't happen again this year, but I'm still gonna damn well try. happy.gif

I'm also hoping this is the year I can finally fully finish my big Springfield Lathe project. I drug that monster home in late 2013, and I still don't have it completed. Point in fact, I basically haven't touched it since last January.

But, supposedly this year, I'll finally be able to send the bed off to get ground, and if I can, once it's back, with a bit more (admittedly nontrivial) work, it'll be basically back up to 100% again, effectively a brand-new lathe.

I have a new (to me) rear axle to slide under the Cutlass, and I'd love to also be able to get a fresh set of bucket seats in there (the stock bench is broken and partially collapsed.) That should actually be pretty quick, the axle is just an unbolt-and-rebolt. Then again, it's been sitting on my welding table to four months now, just waiting for me to rebuild the brakes. happy.gif

I need to get my cabinet and dust control setup sorted out for the Shapeoko- that's kind of a crucial component in the leer-action build. Shouldn't take more than a week, if i could find a week to spend on it. happy.gif

The bandsaw I want to upgrade to a 3-phase motor with more HP and a softer start, as well as an actual DoAll blade-speedometer. That, too, should only take a week.

The very last thing I need to do to the Sheldon lathe (apart from install the new VFD) is build and install the cabinet drawers. I bought the sheet aluminum for those over a year ago. And I need to build a bigger press brake first, in order to make them.

The Exacto is up and running- I've used it several times- but still needs some detail work. A way wiper, way covers, a knee oiler, a spindle brake, possibly a custom-fitted replacement table power feed, etc.

I've got more 220V wiring to run, I need to completely rebuild my ethernetwork in the shop (wasn't an issue before, but now all of a sudden I have three computers out there!) I need to finish my belt grinder (like the article I posted yesterday notes, I started that particular project nearly a decade ago!) I still need to run a shop-air system (I've wanted a proper one for years) and of course there's a couple machine I've gotta fix just to be able to sell.

Note that none of that is anything like a hobby or pastime. The closest thing to that is the Cutlass, which is simply fun to drive. Apart from that, it's... well, it's basically work, and more tools in order to do more work.

You people are lucky I like my work. happy.gif

So whatchoo gonna get done this year?


Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 1:42 AM

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