2018 productivity

by DannyBeans

Right now the only concrete plan is a trip to Sweden with my wife in July. Tickets are booked, vacation time is scheduled. Now I just need to pick up some Swedish so I'm not a complete Water Buffalo over there.

That's more of a vacation than a project, though, so let's see:

There's a giant (as in five feet wide by seven long by eight tall) shipping crate I snagged from work sitting in the yard. That's gonna get turned into a tool shed.

I'd like to build a grape arbor and start planting an orchard somewhere on the property. It's a step toward self-sufficiency, and takes less day-to-day work than a vegetable garden to maintain.

I want to convert part of the big barn into a workshop. There's a small one in the garage, but there's no room to expand, and the door's too small to build anything big. I'll probably turn that one into a storage room.

My '83 Ranger died pretty hard back in September. Time permitting, I'm going to try to use it to learn some engine repair. If I do get it running again, I'm planning to build a flat bed on it, upgrade the suspension, and have a better hauler than my current pickup. Sport sides suck.

We have a small treehouse-slash-guest-cottage back in the woods. It's already powered and heated, but I'd like to add some kind of insulation to the floor, and maybe try to run a data line out there as well. 'Cause roughing it doesn't have to be rough. happy.gif

We have two buildings on the property that are just being used to keep junk dry. The garage needs to be cleaned out, at least enough to be usable as a garage. And I really need to go in and organize all the loose scrap lumber in the small barn. But those aren't as fun as the rest of the plans. happy.gif

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 3:42 AM

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