Welcome to Sweden!

by Lars_B

Cool that you have decided to visit our (mostly) Polarbear free country!

Just a few tips =)

1. Swedes do speak English... like 99% of us do! however! 98% of us think that we are far better at it than we actually are, be prepared for some fun misunderstandings.

2. Prepare yourself for our official signs! seriously! being able to pass the first "Utfart" (exit) sign with a straight face is a sure sign of a seasoned Sweden-traveler. Seeing a sign saying "Slut" is NOT an offer of questionable services it simply says that that the store is out of something. (there are MANY more)

3. The coffee... (our word for coffee-break is fika and we do it all the time)) not only do we drink it often but it is often Doc-strength!

I think that covers the basics... if there is something more specific you want to know just ask =)

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 5:49 AM

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  1. Tack, Lars!. DannyBeans, Jan 3, 2018
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