projects for 2018

by Corvair Jay

Well, there are a number of projects I kind of want to do - a VBA interface for doing long-docs stuff in Word, and learning some API documentation and javascript programmming. This last could help me professionally, perhaps.
And there is a tree to cut down and several to prune or remove.
But the main semi-fun project is to get the 'new' powertrain (and rear suspension) wired and swapped into my project car. It is close enough now that I may just (move a bunch of crap around to make room, and then) move the car into the driveway and tear the old mess out and get started. Right now the car runs fine and is fun, so I have to look at the 'more fun with more power' aspect, and the 'current trans is really shot' aspect and the 'new system is taking up space and is just an art project until it goes into the car' aspect as motivation.

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 5:52 AM

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