Dyslectic Swede here =)

by Lars_B


1. You could probably spell that anyway you want and I would still read it "false"
2. Swedes are notoriously bad at Swedish! sure! we know how to speak and if something is right or wrong.. just don't expect us to explain the grammar or reason! for that you probably need a foreigner studying Swedish

for those... False cognates (cool new word) for the moment I can only think of one, If you hear Swedes saying "f*ck this" ALL the time while speaking Swedish it is NOT us trying to "gangsta" it up =) the Swedes are actually saying "actually" in Swedish: faktiskt =D

Ohh! and if a Swede innocently ask you how you cut your cheese, they just want to know about your preferences about cutting dairy products! All Swedes are aware that no Americans know what a cheese slicer is and have secret dreams about introducing them to the USA and make a fortune :D


and be careful if they offer you black or yellow candy (super salty or super sour)
if somebody mumbles something about "surströmming" just run!


One more thing, some of the most interested and interesting tourists I have met on my travels have been Americans =)

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 6:36 AM

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