Many(One) Thing(s)

by Bruce

Primary goal for this year is to get the homebrew beer up a level. That needs temperature-controlled fermentation instead of the let-the-room-temperature-apply currently in play.

That needs an insulated chamber built from plywood and insulated to R-value 2.0, a set of internal fans, a chilling system pirated from the water cooler with a broken faucet in the stores and random electronics to keep the temps right. And clearing a space for it.

The brewing hardware also requires some valves to be changed to stainless ball valves from the tea urn plastic valve. And the wort chiller needs spacers between the copper coils. And the rope hoist a-frame needs to be sanded down to bare metal, primed and painted.

And that's just for the beer.

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 7:19 AM

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