Home improvement projects

by kiawe

I have a pile of Pergo in the spare room that will eventually replace the carpet throughout the house. I'm waiting for our two elderly cats to kick the bucket before I do so, just because it will involve extensively moving around furniture, possibly outside, and I don't want them either getting out or collapsing of a heart attack.

Our secondhand sectional couch is starting to fall apart. After looking around and not being happy with any of the alternatives, i found plans to build my own online, with the bonus that it can have storage underneath, always at a premium. Now my debate is whether to proceed with the sectional before or after the floor replacement (of course if the arm finally comes off completely, that might force my hand).

DH and I are debating over replacing our current electric hot water heater with an on-demand one. Our water heater is about 13 years old, may have a couple more years in it, so it's not crucial. Our main concern is whether our hard water will gum up or break down an on demand heater more quickly, and whether we will have to rewire the electric or can run with what we have. We have solar panels, and just about break even on the electric bills, but got involved with an experiment which installed a timer to shut off the hot water heater during the hours when there was no demand (usually midnight to 6 a.m., and maybe a couple hours during the day). That put us consistently in the black for our electric bill, but the experiment ended and the timer was taken away, so we're back to +/- $40 on our bill.

Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 9:35 AM

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