A thought occurs:

by Doc Nickel

The server that does the updates for TWB... is in Georgia. happy.gif Doesn't explain the outages a few weeks ago, but may well explain the latest ones.

For those not keeping up with the news, Georgia- among others- is supposed to be getting 6 to 12" of snow, like, right now.

Georgia, you'll recall, is a place where, just a few years ago, three-quarters of an inch (!) of snow literally trapped people on an overpass for a day.

Up here, of course, 6" is referred to as a "dusting", and 12" makes us start thinking about getting the shovels out, but at the same time, even up here when we have the first snow of the season, people forget how to drive and fender-benders are common.

12" of snow in an area that doesn't regularly get such things leads to downed trees, downed power lines, day-long power outages and general higgldey-piggledey.

Please bear with us, regardless of the cause.


Posted on Jan 3, 2018, 11:45 AM

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