by MephitMark

I have a job, not great and all, but the first job in almost thirty years that has lasted more then a couple of months. Which is great in so many ways that I have had a CONTINUOUS paycheck to keep paying for the normal things. The down side is that I'm in my FIFTIES! and playing catch-up with life in general. So I have a house that is in need of MAJOR repair work. Hopefully I can find a reputable contractor to do the major work.

I may have a small mill and bench lathe, but no where to set them up yet. My radio station is still in the dream/assembly aspect. A basement wood shop that requires considerable De-clutter to be usable.

The problem of doing any of that is have enough energy after work to do. I'm no kid and this well aged chassis has seen better days. Hoping I'll be moving to a better job, skill need (what I REALLY can do), pay set (always a plus) and work environment (which really helps at the end of the day!).

Posted on Jan 4, 2018, 8:29 PM

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