Way to Go!

by Thinkertoys

I can't believe nobody's responded to you yet.

You did an awe-inspiring thing. Congratulations.

I know how hard that is, because I tried to do it for a good fifteen years before running into any kind of success. I did weight lifting, power walking, swimming, all kinds of stuff, and stayed bear-shaped (pear-shaped). I could push trucks out of ditches or leg press half a ton, but I couldn't lose weight.

When specifically getting rid of the fat itself became a medical necessity (the alternative being diabetes) the supervision of an MD and prescription drugs to control hunger pangs was the only way, for me.

Congratulations on finding a way that worked for you. Life is different when you can buy clothes off the rack, ain't it?

Posted on Jan 5, 2018, 10:52 AM

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  1. Thanks!. Daniel Meyer, Jan 8, 2018


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