by Doc Nickel

As I mentioned a week or two ago, the VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) on my Sheldon lathe- pretty much my main workhorse machine- woke up dead one morning. No idea what killed it, I just came out one morning, went to stab the button, and nothing happened. Probably old age, as I'd had it myself very close to a full decade, and the previous owner I'm relatively sure bought it around 2003.

Rather than try and fix it- which would assume it IS fixable, and my somebody not well versed in eletronimical thinganajigs- I just went ahead and ordered a replacement.

The old one I'd bolted to the wall behind the lathe, assuming I might want to see some of the data shown on the LCD screen- hertz, load, voltage, etc.- but over the years, I virtually never looked at it.

[linked image]

I'd originally hard-wired it, having no plans to move the thing, and still have no plans to move it, but decided I'd convert the connection to a standard 20 amp outlet, for the rare times I need 220V/20A at that end of the shop.

[linked image]

I then made up a mount to attach the VFD on the chassis of the lathe, using a chunk of aluminum plate.

[linked image]

After that was made up, suitably deburred, and screwed in place, the VFD was simply bolted on, the cables run, and plugged in. The 220V input line comes in at the top and has a strain-relief fitting going through the mounting plate, and the 3-Ph out line is zip-tied on the right to keep it from hanging on the connections.

[linked image]

I had to rewire the remote control box, since the old wire wasn't long enough to reach, and also due to the different brand of VFD, it takes the controls a little differently, and I needed some 8 conductor wire rather than the old six-wire.

But, these Automation Direct VFDs are way easier to set the parameters than the previous ACTech, and it doesn't give me a high-frequency buzz when it's running, either.

So we're back up to full speed, again!

Okay, so it's not a huge and exciting update, but hey, it's something. happy.gif


[edit- apparently I forgot the last picture]

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