How do you guys store your chucks?

by Doc Nickel

As you can see...

[linked image]

... The shelf under my lathe is basically just a flat spot to pile crap. I've been meaning to build a... rack, I guess, for the other chucks, faceplates and steady and follow rests, that will go under there.

I don't, however, have a good design in mind- my clock cycles have been otherwise occupied happy.gif - but I was basically thinking of a sort of "dish rack" layout. The chucks and plates would rest between a couple of boards, oriented as they would be if installed on the spindle, with a thin separator in between. And all out of wood, to minimize wear or damage to the machined surfaces and spindle threads.

And I still need to make the drawers for the right-hand end. I bought the sheet aluminum for those almost two years ago, but I still need to make a bigger, wider press brake in order to form them.

Been thinking about just going with conventional wood drawers instead, maybe with a painted aluminum face just so it all matches.


Posted on Jan 7, 2018, 1:39 PM

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