Ah, the 'bold' look of Kohler...

by J.Cook

Frankly, I'd rather have a toilet that a) works 97%+ of the time, and b) when it does break, have 'standardized' parts that I can go to the DIY store and buy (or easily purchase without having to find a distributor).

While my current favorite fails in the b) category (I've not actually checked to see how hard a replacement flapper/valve system for the American Standard Champion 4 series is to buy), the thing uses a standard FluidMaster fill valve which is pretty much available everywhere, is almost brainless to replace, and lasts for a good 5-6 years even with Arizona's terrible water.

(Kohler's parts book for just their toilets is 300+ pages, if that gives you an indication of my dislike for them.)

Posted on Jan 11, 2018, 9:33 AM

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