Yeah, yeah... :)

by Doc Nickel

Yeah, I've been meaning to get back to those, since it is a Patreon reward and all... happy.gif

As I recall, I was pretty well complete up to #1781, which is April, 2014. According to my notes, I only have four strips to do for '14, and then there was just a small handful to do through '15- although a couple of those weren't even properly drawn, rather than just needing coloring. happy.gif

And after that, I'm pretty sure everything from mid-late '15 up through, well, pretty much right now, is all done, drawn and colored. There might be one or two along there somewhere in which I didn't get the shading complete, I'll have to check. But I'm pretty sure we've had a clear run for a good long while now.


Posted on Jan 11, 2018, 1:16 PM

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  1. Well, mostly.. Fish Preferred, Jan 11, 2018


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