Oh, don't worry...

by Doc Nickel

That's why I said what I did- I found myself doing very minor touch-ups (like I said, leftover pixels, generally, from the original scanning) but as I kept going along, I kept wanting to tweak more and more. happy.gif

One of these days, I do want to take one of the old, original scans, and clean it up the way I do now, just for a comparison, but as I said above, I'm not going to change anything in the books.

And that means I not only won't be "cleaning up" or altering the existing art, but I won't be adding or changing anything either- no swapped strips, no added strips, no altered dialogue, I won't be changing any of the included sketches, etc.

I will have to make some minor changes to the covers, since we had "full bleed" covers (that is, printed all the way to the edge) printed for the later ones, by an outside company. I can probably work around some of that, but I'll have to do some experimenting first.

I'm also losing the ISBN numbers, but that's no big deal. They were pointless anyway, added basically just to make them look "professional". Theoretically, if somebody had taken that ISBN into a Barnes & Noble or something, they could have looked it up, and potentially ordered one for that customer, but of course that never happened, and of course brick-and-mortar book stores are going the way of the dial telephone. happy.gif

One notable change I did make, however, was the the included Ma's Garlic Meatballs Recipe in Book 3. Lots of people have tried making those over the years- I just heard from two within the last two months- and almost all of them say something along the lines of halve the amount of garlic (which is still a LOT of garlic) or double the amount of meat.

So I changed "1/2" lb" of meat to "1 lb" of meat.

Yeah, the original recipe was a gag, not really meant to be made (there's literally too much garlic for the meatballs to properly hold together) but doubling the meat makes it quite workable, and still very garlicky. happy.gif


Posted on Jan 12, 2018, 3:26 AM

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  1. Been meaning to make those meatballs again.. PolarBearSama, Jan 14, 2018
    1. Those meatballs. Typeminer, Jan 14, 2018


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