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by Doc Nickel

Oh, that takes me back to the days of Al from the "let's not type the whole name out in full" website of yore. happy.gif

He, too, claimed to have many an invention, development or idea that would "revolutionize" paintball- then again, he also claimed that Bud Orr, Tom Kaye, the guys from Brass Eagle, Glenn Palmer and the WDP guys "laid awake in cold sweats" at night, knowing (at least according to Al) that they're "stolen" their flagship products from him, and were terrified he'd eventually bring a slew of lawsuits and ruin their companies. happy.gif

Al, needless to say, had suffered a brain injury- that part is unfortunately not a joke- and required medication to function. Such claims as those above, inevitably came when he decided he was okay, and no longer needed the medications.

Anyway, I don't say that to insult or discourage you. I say that to hopefully level you out a bit. happy.gif

Literally countless companies have come and gone over the years, each with "revolutionary" developments to the sport. Some, like HPA, force-fed loaders and electronic markers, have indeed made significant changes to the sport.

But on the other hand, there's been thousands of developments that never went anywhere. The ICE Epic was a semiauto with no bolt- it used a sliding "trapdoor" instead. Supposed to be revolutionary, and chop-free, but in reality, it could still chop, and in the 20+ years since the Epic came out, not one single other company has tried to use the same idea.

CCI and Phoenix both tried variants of rotary breeches, each trying a different axis. Neither succeeded, or indeed, even sold in anything other than bare handfuls.

A company years ago came out with a football-shaped paintball called something like the "Safety" ball. Supposedly more aerodynamic and this more accurate. Went over like the proverbial lead balloon. Supposedly exactly two were made.

First Strikes were supposed to "revolutionize" the sport- in this case meaning "everybody would be shooting them". They're popular, yes, and a successful product to be sure. But FS users and FS-ready markers are a very small fraction of the total even today, and not really growing much.

.50 caliber was supposed to revolutionize the sport. A lot cheaper per ball, you could carry way more, a tank of air lasted longer, you name it. Today it's mainly known as "low impact" and largely used only by rental fields to outfit the very youngest players.

One company tried marketing a 5,000 psi tank. Gone. Another company marketed little "bomb fins" you could glue to a paintball to make it more accurate. Gone. Tippmann themselves one tried to make a gun that ran on propane. Sank like a rock. Four or five companies over the years tried to develop and market "backpack" loaders (a'la Blaine and his "Old Painless" minigun from Predator.) First one was shown at an early World Cup around about 1996, at least two others were in development as of just four or five years ago. All of them have disappeared too.

I could go on and on. happy.gif

Again, not here to discourage you, just trying to temper expectations. I've been in this business for 20 years, and have invented more than a few things myself (and helped others develop things as well) but none of them can be considered "revolutionary".

Paintball players, like people in any other sport, tend to like how their current game is played, and any new thing has to be pretty darn revolutionary to really have an impact. Lowering the hoops in basketball to 4' off the ground and having three on each end of the court is pretty revolutionary, but how many people do you think would actually play it? happy.gif


Posted on Jan 13, 2018, 12:05 AM

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