So...about that bandsaw?

by Timberwolf

a couple weeks ago I posted a video of an old craftsman commercial bandsaw (benchtop size) that I resurrected and finally got running again. Here's the video:

Doc mentioned I needed more weight on the head because it was cutting slow. I figured I didn't have the gas shock opened up enough.

We were both wrong.

Ok, try not to laugh...

Today, I installed my more aggressive band. Thinking that would also help make a difference. Swapped it in, laid a piece of 2x5 x .120 rectangle MS tubing in the clamps and fired it up. Again, it just creeped.

for some reason I got thinking "I wonder if there's a way to install the band so the teeth are going the wrong way. I couldn't think of any way possible, but still I looked at the blade as I shut it off.

I'll be damned... it's dragging the teeth across.

So...I swapped polarity at the motor, and set it back in motion. Holy hell does it cut now! LOL

I can't figure out why the blade would have been turning the wrong direction though... Everything was wired already when I got it. Are there blades that have teeth going the other direction?

Posted on Jan 29, 2018, 4:42 PM

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  1. Inside out?. Timberwolf, Jan 29, 2018
    1. This.. Doc Nickel, Jan 29, 2018
    2. Re: Inside out?. Moriniman, Jan 30, 2018
      1. First bandsaw I've ever owned. Timberwolf, Jan 30, 2018
  2. Maybe the previous owner's garage was wired backwards. MarkT, Jan 29, 2018
    1. Backward wiring. Typeminer, Jan 30, 2018
      1. Re: Backward wiring. Dave H, Jan 30, 2018
      2. Socket polarity. Russ Kepler, Jan 30, 2018
        1. It happens. James, Jan 31, 2018
          1. National Electrical Code. Kymation, Jan 31, 2018
            1. Interesting!. beejay5169, Jan 31, 2018
              1. Plugs. Chloe, Jan 31, 2018
                1. Earth pin not necessary....... beejay5169, Jan 31, 2018
                  1. Earth. Chloe, Feb 1, 2018
        2. They also put the socket "upside down" for a Switched outlet. Bruce Bergman, Feb 4, 2018
      3. Modern wiring and plumbing. cbob, Jan 30, 2018
        1. Ours is like that, too.. DannyBeans, Jan 31, 2018
    2. Re: Maybe the previous owner's garage was wired backwards. Moriniman, Jan 30, 2018


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