Modern wiring and plumbing

by cbob

Or for the house a grew up in, "modern circa 1928".

Push button & flip switches for the lights, cloth insulated wire, a random mix of copper, galvanized and that looked like lead pipe and for the win, a coal fired "Red Square" heater converted to burn oil. All it needed was a sign "Rube Goldberg slept here". House was built in 3 stages, pre-1776, approx 1806 and the 1928 update. Utterly random on switch and outlet orientation.

Eventually some new owners tore out the cedar shake, carved mantels, tongue-in-groove pine floor/walls, white cedar walls, oystershell & horse hair plaster then replaced it with all modern vinyl siding etc.

I was almost shocked to not see the pegged timbers in the dumpster as well.

Posted on Jan 30, 2018, 2:42 PM

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  1. Ours is like that, too.. DannyBeans, Jan 31, 2018


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