Of course....

by Doc Nickel

... Don't think I hadn't through of that. happy.gif

Not sure I want to get that carried away, though. And really, for... well, for almost a grand, I can get an electric multi-station stapler that'd do basically the same thing. I haven't checked to see if they can do books this thick, or what the closest center-to-center spacing is, but that'd be the way to go.

Drop it in, shuffle a bit, stomp the foot pedal, call it good.

Yeah, I could build myself something, but I already have more projects than I'll ever live to see completed. happy.gif I hate to admit it, but there does occasionally come the time when I'd rather just USE the tools, than spend all my time making or fixing the tools. happy.gif


Posted on Feb 4, 2018, 1:28 AM

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