There is NO...

by Doc Nickel

... Number Six. happy.gif

That is, there never was a number six before now. The last officially-released book was #5, "You Only Ref Twice", back during the Christmas season of 2010.

I did get three #6's back in either late 2015 or early 2016 as print proofs, but that's it. Gave one away, and the other two are shedding pages, so no great loss I suppose.

But yeah, there's more on the way after #7, of course I haven't figured out a proper schedule, but as the comic notes, book 7 only catches us up to the early part of 2010, somewhere around strip #1200.

As you might have noticed, not too long ago we passed strip 2500. So we're a bit behind. happy.gif If we could get 7 books out of 1,200 strips, we should be a lot closer to at least book 12 or 13 by this point. happy.gif


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  1. Well, hurry up then!. Snowtroll, Feb 5, 2018
    1. right you are :). snark, Feb 5, 2018


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