I'm sure there are...

by Doc Nickel

... Several people waiting 'til the rush subsides before they buy. (At least, I hope there are. happy.gif )

I'm one of those types myself. The last movie I bothered to see on opening night was Independence Day. I think I even waited a few days for a matinee of Iron Man, so I could actually enjoy it without some jerkwad next to me checking his Twitter feed every twenty seconds or something.

I never really bother with Black Friday type sales either. happy.gif

But in this case, the books will be in stock for the foreseeable future, so whenever you're ready, they'll be there.


Posted on Feb 7, 2018, 1:53 AM

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    1. "good".... Nohbody, Feb 8, 2018
      1. Re: "good".... Cpt. Obvious, Feb 8, 2018
        1. My go to chain has a number you can text if theres a problem in the movie. FireFrenzy, Feb 13, 2018
  2. Good to know. TheFnord, Feb 7, 2018


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