Alternative shop?

by Danish Lurker

A friend of mine is doing: - It's a "shop in shop" within: .

My friend picks the products available he wants to sell (he's just doing T-shirts and Caps and is finicky, does not sell the cheapest shirts) and uploads his own designs. Then whenever someone buys stuff on the "shop-in-shop", Spreadshirt handles the order, prints the design on the product, ships it - and deposits money to my friend's account. As far as I can tell, it can either be a straight percentage, or he can set a higher price "on the design" so the buyer price will be the sum of what Spreadshirt wants plus the design-price.

Such a "" shop probably won't bring as much profit as Doc doing it by himself - but it could mean a larger selection of products without Doc needing to spend so much of his already limited time wink.gif

He can do mugs with TWB designs:
Or how about aprons for barbecuing 'Doc style:
Or iPhone cases with a Pirta bikini beach pic?

Need to build the shop on: and upload the designs - but after that no need to spend time expediting orders.

I'm sure there are other similar services, and probably Doc has considered some. But since the mug request came along, I just thought I'd drop my 2 cents in the discussion wink.gif

Posted on Feb 8, 2018, 4:54 AM

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