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by Cpt. Obvious

Don't remember what movie it was, but I remember one time when they had people in the theater keeping a look at the audience. Anyone taking a phone call, texting or who kept fiddling with their phone was escorted out of the theater. They also threw out several people who just wouldn't stop talking or arguing loudly. I don't think it was a premiere or any of the high budget movies where they worry about people filming with their phones and putting it on the web, but I could be wrong.

I mean there is almost always a few guards with flashlights sneaking around, but it seems you usually have to start a fight for them to actually do something.

On the other range of the spectra I once went to the movies with some friends and it turned out that there was some punks in the row behind us that kept trying to pick a fight. It started with one of them repeatedly kicking the back of the chair in front of him. When asked to cut it out they started pelting us with popcorn and talking trash. Thing is several of my friends are downright dangerous if it comes to a fight, and I'm just not. Just as I was beginning to think it was going to get nasty, it got nasty, but not in the way I would have had guessed. One of the girls in the party suddenly stands up turns around and just look at them. As they stared laughing at her she leaned over, snatched the original big mouth by the hair and smashed his face into the seat back. She then told him that if he didn't cut it out she would scoop out his eyes with her nails and feed them to him. Those nails was horrific, long, sharp and apparently strong as steel. And that's when her boyfriend jumped in trying to keep her out of jail by letting the creep go. Funny thing is I can't remember what movie this was, or if we even got to see it...

Posted on Feb 8, 2018, 3:07 PM

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  1. My go to chain has a number you can text if theres a problem in the movie. FireFrenzy, Feb 13, 2018


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