by Doc Nickel

As of today I'm fully caught up with all the book orders! I just have to take the last half-dozen to the PO in the morning and get them fired off, and I'll be 100% caught up.

I do have to apologize to many of you for the additional wait, but I've really done very little else other than print, sketch, wrap, box and ship for the past full week. happy.gif

Not that I'm complaining (okay, not too much complaining happy.gif ) but I've made like 15 or 16 trips to the PO, gone through six full rolls of packaging tape, wore out two brand-new Micron pens, and spent a collective three hours standing at the counter while the poor lady enters all the customs information for each one of the overseas orders. happy.gif

Thank you all very much, especially for the patience of those of you who were already waiting on shop work from me before I launched this mess. happy.gif As I said before, the last thing I needed was another project like this, but after Print Guy screwed me over for the seventh year in a row, I was pissed off and on a mission.

I of course still have books in stock, and barring the occasional brief outage they will remain in stock from here on out. happy.gif


Posted on Feb 13, 2018, 12:21 AM

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  1. Waiting with bated breath. Bruce, Feb 13, 2018
    1. Snail Mail.... beejay5169, Feb 13, 2018
      1. I never thought. Dave H, Feb 13, 2018
  2. Tracking Number. Madcat, Feb 13, 2018


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