by Doc Nickel

Both 3-phase and 440V can be dealt with, and not terribly expensively.

As noted above, some motors (not all) can be simply rewired at the motor (IE, just changing connections) to run on either 220V or 440V. if it can't be rewired to 220V, a transformer can be used- when I went to look at a Hardinge HLV a couple years ago, it had a 440V-only motor, but came with a transformer.

I wired it up temporarily with a VFD and was able to spin it up.

As I said, the Southbend would work for you, but you likely wouldn't be very happy with it. The lack of QCGB is always a pain. if it were me, unless you needed a lathe right away, I'd hold out for a better deal.


Posted on Feb 13, 2018, 9:33 PM

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