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  • Well, we're talking zombie hunting, now the survival stuff. :)
    • Deus Machina
      Posted Sep 9, 2011 10:12 AM

      If I'm going somewhere to clear out a building to salvage through, or just want to crack some skulls, I'm still a fan of the pipe. No training involved, and no need to get your hands in chomper range--just stay out of arm's reach and hit 'em. Same reason the mace overtook the shortsword for medieval popularity.

      If the place is too small to get a good swing in, a sword or good head machete would work well, too. You have to get closer, but you can still chop through a skull and even thrust if you need to. A hatchet would work if you're still a fan of momentum over stabability.

      Every day, walking around usefulness: a good stout walking stick, with a heavy chunk of pipe (or whatever) on the end. Good for poking through holes and propping yourself up, but otherwise see Example 1.

      The crowbar (or that FUBAR, that thing looks handy!) is a good old standby. And if you hold it by the claw end, it's even quicker to handle, harder to loose, and makes for better eye-pokie.
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