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  • Suggestions for shipping something heavy?

    • Posted Feb 29, 2012 2:31 AM

      Guild regular and this month's official extra-cool guy 68VDub managed to score me one of those Rusnok mini-mills from that college auction, for a pretty good price.

      He's picked it up, cleaned it up, given it a cursory examination, and crated it in order to get 'er shipped up to me. Altogether, it'll be a 250-pound package.

      Now, the tricky part; Getting it shipped from Arken-saw (roughly ZIP 71913) to either my consolidator in Washington (ZIP 98424) or all the way up here (ZIP 99635).

      Fed-Ex, at least their online app without an account, gives us a quote of nearly $2,000. UPS gives us a much more reasonable but still pretty steep $585 or so. To Washington, it's "only" $312. (Though I have to make a guess on the "class" of freight. That's proprietary data they don't put out in public.)

      I expect the consolidator to tack another $100 at least on top of that.

      Anyone have any other suggestions? I know fuel costs are up and all that, but the cost of shipping is going to be twice what I'd expected. When I had the Grizzly shipped up- admittedly a decade ago- it was over a ton and only cost $600. This Rusnok is a tenth that and looks to cost nearly as much...

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