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March 27 2012 at 7:44 PM
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Cinci, I'm not arguing that Zimmerman shouldn't be indicted. And I'm totally admitting the police did a lousy job of crime scene management.

But I don't see enough evidence released yet to safely say there's probable cause that a murder occurred. Again, to ironically counter the anti-media rhetoric expressed by other thread posters, there are actually a couple of profound points of evidence reported by the media that serve Zimmerman: His wounds, his screams for help and an impartial witness's statement that Zimmerman was being beat up a few seconds before the shooting.

Hey, I'm uneasy about the Stand-your-Ground law as it's apparently written in Florida. The law was not needed to protect innocent people who were being attacked (or even who had reasonable grounds to believe they were at risk of attack).

But the law is the law. Zimmerman was lawfully allowed to be an idiot and follow this kid.

As for fighting words like racial epithats (and I'm only speculating that Zimmerman used them): I don't know what the law is in Florida, but in Ohio that defense doesn't work. If you swing at someone in Ohio, you're breaking the law unless you were defending yourself from an actual attack or have reason to believe you were subject to a pending attack.

Zimmerman could have acted like a bozo racist and I certainly am open to the idea that he was an idiot zealot. That doesn't make it lawful to swing at him in Ohio and I doubt if it does in Florida.

If someone walks across your yard and you insult his race or religion, and that incites him to swing at you, and you then fear for your life and then shoot him, you're a despicable bigot who lawfully defended yourself. I don't know if that's the equivalent of what happened or not. Unfortunately for the investigators of this case, I suspect they couldn't make that distinction either, at least not in the immediate aftermath of the event.

You can be penalized for acting like a racist azzhole. But a judge won't give you the death penalty for it. So you can't lawfully respond with serious physical harm to someone for his merely being a racist bozo (and again, I'm not saying that Martin did that, but prosecutors would have to prove that he didn't.)

If Zimmerman challenged the kid into a physical altercation on the street and then the kid defended himself, prompting Zimmerman to pull a gun and shoot like a bitch, then please let me be the one to administer lethal injection to Zimmerman. But, so far, I see no such evidence that was the scenario, even from that imaginary press that supposedly is in the tank for Martin.

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